Random Post #231

Is this really random? Is this really #231?

Today I read about Clare Winger Harris.

Ms. Harris wrote science fiction back in the 1920s when it wasn’t cool to be a science fiction writer let alone a woman. To be both – shocker! But she did it. I’ve never heard of her before. Thank you Google for putting the above article in my news feed.

Today I listened to Natasha Lyonne.

Why is today so full of cool stuff? It must be the Spring in the air.

Natasha Lyonne stars in and co-created Russian Doll. This is a Netflix series in which the main character Nadia, played by Lyonne, dies over and over again. The classic groundhog day syndrome. But Lyonne’s story is so much more interesting! If you haven’t watched Russian Doll, you should. Then go listen to that interview linked to above.

Today I received two more submissions.

So far, we have over 40 submissions to our newest short story anthology. The deadline is drawing near (March 31st, 2019). If you’ve got a story set on a dying earth, we want to read it! Please follow the link above for submission guidelines.

Until next time,



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