Looking for some writing tips?

PterodactyAscenderII is Ultralight aircraft so...
Random Image via Wikipedia (canard also means short winglike control surface of an aircraft)

As a new writer, I’m always looking to improve my skills.  A couple of years ago, after taking a few writing classes, I realized two things: 1) I know nothing, and 2) help is out there, you just got to look for it.

Since then, I’ve subscribed to Daily Writing Tips, and I’ve found each of their posts useful and educational.  In addition to mini-grammatical lessons, they also offer up word lists.  For someone like me with a limited vocabulary, these word lists are gold.

They just handed me one the other day: 40 Synonyms for “Lie”.

Forty?  Really?  When I read that title, I thought they had to be kidding, but as I skimmed through the words, I was both happy to see that I knew most of ’em, and I learned a few more.  My new favorites:

canard – An unfounded or false, deliberately misleading story.

Wiley writers create canards to goof the gullible.

mendacity – The condition of being mendacious; untruthfulness.

The mediocre mendacity of the thief enraged the prosecutor.

taradiddle – nonsense.

I can’t think of a good example for taradiddle.  Maybe you can?

You would think that the staff writers over at Daily Writing Tips would repeat themselves after writing hundreds of these posts, but after more than a year, I haven’t noticed it.  That’s either a testament to their creative writing skills, making each post feel fresh and new, or my memory is worse than I thought.  Either way, if you are not currently subscribed to their blog, check ’em out.

Happy writing, and watch out for taradiddles! 😉

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