The Gentle Editor

You know, I should submit more often, just so I can get such nice rejections like this:

Whether or not you’re selected for publication, know that we admire your work and are thrilled you’ve entered.

Actually, it’s just a form acknowledgement letter of our submissions, but, still, the editor didn’t have to put that sentence in there.  She could have just said, “Yup, got it, you’ll be summarily informed of an acceptance/rejection.  Later.”  But, no, she/he crafted a nice acknowledgement and, I’m sure, rejection letter that is cordial and succinct.

I mean, they’re form letters, right?  That means an editor/agent/publisher need only write it once.  Why not be nice?

I was extremely rude to someone this morning.  I hope to learn to live my life with a little more grace and something like this steers me in the right direction.

2 thoughts on “The Gentle Editor

  1. It amazes me how much simple courtesy matters sometimes. I’m a server at a restaurant, and when I have someone at a table who uses manners, it makes my life so much easier. They’re strangers, but their courtesy means something to me.

    I think it just shows that they value effort and the time put into submitting — which is exactly the kind of people I hope to submit to soon. 🙂

    1. That’s very well put, and I hadn’t thought of it that way. You are right, they appreciate and value the time spend to submit to them. And that’s awfully considerate of them.

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