Don’t worry, be happy :)

Sad little doggie
Sad doggie

I just finished reading a post that was (well, right now if you read this right now) on the Freshly Pressed page of WordPress. If I wasn’t writing this post on my iPhone, I could link to it easily enough but flipping through pages on this thing is flipping hard.

The post in question was about Star Trek. Something about the writer’s Trekkie parents and their subtle influence on their like or dislike of the original series. One thing she wrote made me realize something. The writer reminded me that the original series actors and creators didn’t take themselves all that seriously. They had FUN. They had Captain Kirk screw everything that moved. Scotty’s charm was cause it was so easy to make fun of “She’s giving it all she’s got, Captain!”

I am definitely taking myself waaaaaay too seriously. I’m only writing short stories to improve my writing, but it’s making me focus on the small stuff right now and I’m forgetting the big stuff – have fun.


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