It’s out!

This year’s’s anthology is out! We finally got it all together and published it yesterday. I’m proud of it. I hope folks like it. There’s something for everyone in this anthology. The first story is a fun little wizard story and the last is a great piece by Lindsay Buroker set in her popular Fallen Empire world. … More It’s out!

Submission Wrap Up

Happy Monday, Y’All! I’m happy because our submission window for our upcoming anthology, You Are Here, has closed. Really, it is both a sad and happy occasion. I regret closing an opportunity for someone to submit a story. But like all good things, it came to its natural end. Plus, our submission window couldn’t stay … More Submission Wrap Up

You Are Here

Some of you are aware that I do this annual thing where I beg people for stories and then I put them together in an anthology. This year is no different! However, I’m veering from my normal path by opening up our submissions to everyone. Yes, that means you. Rather than restrict submissions from forum … More You Are Here