Day 1

This is the first day of NewNoWriMo, a month dedicated to achieving your writing goals. Whether that’s 50,000 words or 100,000, start 2016 with a huge accomplishment under your belt. Join us while we write our novels, web serials, or short stories in the next 29 days. Here’s a bit of inspiration: Success is the sum … More Day 1


It’s starting…

Tomorrow! Feb 1st, 2016. Are you ready for NewNoWriMo? For 29 days of dedication to your writing? I hope so, because I’m not! I haven’t outlined my story. (gnash teeth) But that’s okay. I have a fair idea of what my character wants to achieve. Come tomorrow when I start writing, I’ll figure out how … More It’s starting…

Carbo Load

When I was younger, I cycled. A lot. I was on the UC Davis cycling team for a couple of years. After I graduated, I stopped racing but I didn’t stop cycling. My husband and I completed several centuries a year until we got a dog and had to switch to mountain biking. Cycling huge … More Carbo Load

All We Have Is Time

When you think about it, there’s really only one thing we have in this universe we can claim as our own: Time. Everything else is fickle and transitory. One day a pauper, the next a king. You never know what tomorrow will bring except, you guessed it, more time. But how to manage it? In order … More All We Have Is Time

The NEW NaNoWriMo

The end is near, my friends, so I thought I should wrap up a few loose ends and announce an exciting new challenge. NaNoWriMo Did you complete the challenge? All 50,000 words of it? I did not. I managed about 13,000 words which amounted to an almost complete second episode of my ghost stories series. … More The NEW NaNoWriMo