Writing Update #1000

I’m very excited.  I’m bouncing off my chair trying to contain myself. Yesterday I picked up my mail… Let me back up, I ordered a book… Wait… Oh!  Here it is: Yes, gentle readers, this is my second real-life, printed-on-paper, publication! My first pub was in a magazine called This Mutant Life.  That magazine no … More Writing Update #1000

Writing Update #934

Happy Monday! 😀 (Ug.  Don’t you just hate folks who are happy on Mondays?) Inconceivably, I am happy today. Why you might ask? Well, I must be still riding the high of last week’s story acceptance.  Or, maybe it’s the fifth blackberry cobbler I’ve made in the last couple of weeks.  Either way, when I … More Writing Update #934


Sitting in my allergist’s office waiting to get my three allergy shots, when I started thinking about mt book and what to do about it. Still thinking…but my mind keeps slipping back to the plot/story for the second book. Guess I’ll just run with it.