Rule #17

I’ve been depressed this week. Recently, several rejection-slips landed in my inbox, each for different stories of mine. All of ’em deserved to be rejected. Once I read the editors’ feedback, it was very clear they all lacked a good story. I’ve moped around ever since. My big goal this month was to finish a … More Rule #17

Rule #12

It is yet another Happy Wednesday, folks, and time for a quick look at  Pixar’s 22 Storytelling Rules. The twelfth rule is one I do not often heed, though, I should. Let’s take a look at it: Discount the first thing that comes to mind. Then the second, third, fourth, fifth – get the obvious out … More Rule #12

Rule #11

Happy Wednesday Everyone, I am posting this a little late in the day, my apologies, but since I haven’t kept to my schedule for most of this year, I’m sure you didn’t notice. (At least, I hope you didn’t notice…) Anyway, let us continue with Pixar’s 22 Storytelling Rules. The 11th rule is one that the … More Rule #11

Rule #5

Why don’t I heed more experienced writers? Why do I tear my hair out forcing my story to adhere to my outline? And why must I spend weeks on one horrible scene that I eventually end up cutting out anyway? How many times have you read something like this? Simplify. Focus. Combine characters. Hop over … More Rule #5


The other day, a fellow writer posted a question over on about chapters. Just what makes up a chapter? What does one put in them? When does one know a chapter begins and ends? How many words go into a chapter? The poster’s questions got me thinking, so here we are. 🙂 I’m not a … More Chapters


I don’t often talk about what goes on over on because, well, you would go hang out there if you were interested, right? Right. But this morning I’m going to impart some advice to the newbie and not-so-newbie writer based on something that happened over there. Chuck Wendig recently wrote a post extolling the … More Banned

Bloody Typos

I really do try to keep typos from making an appearance in my writing.  I know it doesn’t seem like I proof my posts, but despite the overwhelming damning evidence, I do. Why is it that I can type the word beacon, when I know I meant to say beckon? In my head, I hear the word beckon, but … More Bloody Typos

Goals vs Milestones

Thought I’d pass this post along as it really spoke to me.  Go read it.  Now. Tobias Buckell is a science fiction author and sometimes he really hits the mark with his writing advice.  Basically, he’s saying that we shouldn’t rely on outside validation.  If you do, then you, wily writer, will start looking, acting, … More Goals vs Milestones