Writing Update 2012-4

Happy Earth Day, Everyone. Oh, and welcome back, tmso. Nice to have you with us. Care to fill us in on what’s been going on in your life? (I’m sure you’d rather my schizophrenic self not do this, but this is my public shaming wall, so here it goes.) The Denouncer The re-vamp of Devil’s Blood is … More Writing Update 2012-4

Writing Update #934

Happy Monday! 😀 (Ug.  Don’t you just hate folks who are happy on Mondays?) Inconceivably, I am happy today. Why you might ask? Well, I must be still riding the high of last week’s story acceptance.  Or, maybe it’s the fifth blackberry cobbler I’ve made in the last couple of weeks.  Either way, when I … More Writing Update #934

Writing Update #2102

Let’s see…what am I up to this time? I’m finishing up a short story for the SFFWorld.com short story contest.  I’m not happy with it, but it will do, I guess. My submittal package for Angry Robots is coming along…very slowly.  I’m just not all that crazy about putting my baby out there for someone … More Writing Update #2102

Another great idea

I know.  I get tons of these.  Early in the morning when all my brain cells are still working, I get these bright ideas.  They usually involve using up a lot of time I don’t have.  So, I start the idea, commit myself to writing something, and then I don’t follow through because, well, I … More Another great idea