No matter how careful I think I am, one or two (or three or even four!) always remain, dancing on the page like it’s 1999. Of course, I don’t notice the drunken partiers until someone points them out. And like spinach caught in braces, there’s not much I can do except retreat, fix the problem, and act like … More Typos

Life in the fast lane

Just means you’re old. Or busy. Can you believe it’s Monday already? Where does the time go? Not much to report on this fine Monday Morning in TMSOLAND, but here are a few tidbits you might be interested in. Survey! Everyone likes filling out survey forms, right? Right. Right? Come on, it’ll only take ya 10 to … More Life in the fast lane

Bloody Typos

I really do try to keep typos from making an appearance in my writing.  I know it doesn’t seem like I proof my posts, but despite the overwhelming damning evidence, I do. Why is it that I can type the word beacon, when I know I meant to say beckon? In my head, I hear the word beckon, but … More Bloody Typos