Catalunya’s Monasteries and Cathedrals

Some of you may know (or suspect) that one of my writing projects is set in Fifteen Century Spain. The main character of my book, Andrés Daniel Cruz, cavorts in the Catalunya countryside visiting grand cathedrals and monasteries. Okay, maybe ‘cavort’ isn’t the right word, but he’s traveling about in a real place, during a very specific time … More Catalunya’s Monasteries and Cathedrals


Searching on the web the other day for an example of an inquisition summons, I came across the translated version of the official edict to expunge Jews from Spain in 1492. Which is, by the way, what my WIP is all about.  Added that just in case you didn’t know. Anyway, it’s a bit of … More Expulsion

Short Blurb or Synopsis

On the NaNoWriMo site, there’s a page on which us would be novel writers can summarize our novel. It has a slot for the title.  Easy, Devil’s Blood.  Check. Novel genre?  Well, there are options for historical fiction, mystery/thriller/suspense and fantasy, but not historical/fantasy/murder-mystery fiction.  Hmmm, I’ll pick fantasy.  A human-sized bat flying around the … More Short Blurb or Synopsis