The End

Is here! Announcing the release of The End: Visions of Apocalypse, an anthology presented by members. Including twelve stories that detail various depictions of the end of the world, the anthology features the work of Michael J. Sullivan, Hugh Howey, Tristis Ward, and nine other writers, all with their own apocalyptic visions. From grim destruction … More The End

Writing Update 2012-8

I haven’t done this in a while and I can’t think of anything better to write, so here it goes! Novels I finished the second draft of The Denouncer, my low-fantasy, somewhat historical novel. I’m much happier with this version than the mess I called Devil’s Blood, that took me two years to accomplish after several … More Writing Update 2012-8

Writing Update 2012-6

(NOTE: My apologies to those of you subscribed by email and are getting this for the second time. I erroneously scheduled this post to appear July 8th, rather than July 18th. Oops! Funny how WordPress allows us to travel through time… ) Hello World, Welcome to Sunny California! Damn is it hot. Is it hot … More Writing Update 2012-6

Writing Update 2012-4

Happy Earth Day, Everyone. Oh, and welcome back, tmso. Nice to have you with us. Care to fill us in on what’s been going on in your life? (I’m sure you’d rather my schizophrenic self not do this, but this is my public shaming wall, so here it goes.) The Denouncer The re-vamp of Devil’s Blood is … More Writing Update 2012-4


Though I am not a cartographer, I do create maps for my work. I’ve acquired an eye for good proportions and I’ve learned the importance of fonts. That doesn’t mean I make the best decisions, but it does mean I feel confident enough to dabble in book cover design. To be clear, I have absolutely no graphic design … More Covers

Writing Update 2012-2

Happy Monday! So how’s it going? Did you get a lot done this weekend? Finish off your magus opus? I did not get much writing done this past week, but I did learn something new: [EA] That stands for Editor Asks… Meaning, your editor was confused by whatever it was you wrote and has a question. … More Writing Update 2012-2

Hugh Howey

Howdy Folks, Just an FYI – I got a chance to interview a great author this past week.  His name is Hugh Howey.  He writes awesome science fiction.  His dystopian short stories titled WOOL are amazing and I highly recommend them. My interview with Mr. Howey is up on here.  A slightly different version is … More Hugh Howey