The Demon in the Door

The Demon in the Door By N. E. White​ The demon in the door screamed when Dohn poked its eye. A shudder ran through the house and a heartbeat later, Dohn heard her mother echo the demon’s pain. She stormed into the foyer, a hand cupped over one eye. She yanked the stick from Dohn’s … More The Demon in the Door


Elijah’s Fear

I wrote this story ages ago. So, it’s not particularly well written, but it did earn a spot in Tales of the Sword, edited by Dorothy Davies. If you like this story, please considering buying the anthology. Warning: adult content ahead (not really, but need to warn the kiddies). Also, this is a love story. … More Elijah’s Fear

State of the Writer

Happy Monday, Folks! This is one of those posts in which I write of every thing going on in my writerly-world – including the kitchen sink.   Okay, maybe not an actual kitchen sink, but you know what I mean, right? Whether you do or don’t, let’s do this. 2013 Accomplishments Anthology Yay! We did … More State of the Writer

Anthology Update

Happy Labor Day! If you are in the United State and are laboring, my sympathies. I hope you get a day off soon. But in the meantime, let me bring you up to speed on’s anthology efforts. 2012 Our first year anthology (released late last year), The End – Visions of Apocalypse, earned over … More Anthology Update