You Are Here

Some of you are aware that I do this annual thing where I beg people for stories and then I put them together in an anthology. This year is no different! However, I’m veering from my normal path by opening up our submissions to everyone. Yes, that means you. Rather than restrict submissions from forum … More You Are Here


Yes, you read that right. An ecotour: part blog tour, part ecotone, and all about a virtual journey around this here blog-o-sphere. Are you ready? I’m co-conspirator, oh, I mean, co-editor of Ecotones. We’ve asked all our authors a series of questions. So many now that I wonder when they’ll start to mutiny! But what I … More Ecotour

Short Story Market and Race

Last week, someone started a discussion thread over on about short story markets. The original poster felt, or implied, that inclusiveness (representing different voices, as in, non-white voices) might be heralding the demise of the science fiction/fantasy/horror short story fiction market. Further, he thought most editors out there wouldn’t be interested in his stories … More Short Story Market and Race

Wattpad News

Well, not news – exactly. Whoa. Back up there, little lady. It’s been awhile. You can’t just come in here expecting us not to notice you’ve ignored us all. (Ahem!) Let’s begin again… Hello Everyone!   Long time no read/write. I know, I know, my apologies for not spending time here and on your blogs. … More Wattpad News

Wars to End All Wars

It’s out! Don’t worry. This will be the last you’ll read of our little anthology. Well, at least on this blog. I’ll get back to my regular programming next week. Until then, why not read Wars to End All Wars? Alternate tales set during the first World War, this short story collection takes history and … More Wars to End All Wars

The End is Near

Holy Crap, Folks. It has been ages, hasn’t it? Time is short, thus this update will be too. My first novel (The Denouncer) is shelved. After four years of working on it, the beast is not yet ready. I need to put space between it and I before I try to tackle another revision. In … More The End is Near