The Moody Writer

Ug.  I shouldn’t have submitted to that local magazine.  The rejection is burrowing into my brain, setting up shop, and demanding that I crawl under my rock with the rest of my brethren: the maggots, slugs, and cockroaches. I wish I didn’t get this way, but I do – all sensitive and prickly.  I can’t … More The Moody Writer

The Gentle Editor

You know, I should submit more often, just so I can get such nice rejections like this: Whether or not you’re selected for publication, know that we admire your work and are thrilled you’ve entered. Actually, it’s just a form acknowledgement letter of our submissions, but, still, the editor didn’t have to put that sentence … More The Gentle Editor

Win Some, Lose Some

I just got a really nice rejection letter from May December Publications.  If they were all like that…well, I just might get used to it! 😉 Here are my Duotrope stats as of this rejection: Pending responses for last 12 months: 1 Submissions sent last 12 months: 8 Submissions sent this month: 0 Acceptance ratio … More Win Some, Lose Some

Jackson Action

I just received my rejection from Ms. Jennifer Jackson of the Donald Mass Agency.  If interested, I posted the entire letter on a new page in my virtual Rejection wall (see links above). I submitted late on Sunday evening and got the rejection this morning – that’s less than 5 days.  I’m guessing as soon … More Jackson Action

Rejection Stats

I could have titled this post “Acceptance Stats”, but that would be optimistic, and I’m not feeling very optimistic at the moment.  My story, Mother’s Curse, just got rejected.  I rather nice, form rejection, but still a rejection (posted under my Rejection pages). If you used Duotrope (that lovely market database and submissions tracker I … More Rejection Stats


I’ve been thinking about my latest rejection – all night long. Yeah, it is hard to get a rejection but what is even harder is not knowing why. Was it because I sent in the file with Courier font instead of Times New Roman? Was it because I failed to follow instructions and submit the … More Rejection