Books Read in 2016

Do you all use Goodreads? I do. My handle on Goodreads is N.E. White (if you want to hook up). If you are good (heh, pun intended) about listing your reads on Goodreads, the site provides a handy little end-of-year summary on what you’ve read. Here’s a link to mine. If you don’t want to … More Books Read in 2016

More ways to read than you can shake a stick at

(Happy Veteran’s Day!) Technology is amazing. I mean, twenty years ago, heck, even ten years ago, someone like me would not have (potentially) the entire population of the world for my audience. Right? Who would have thunk it that you’d be reading this very blog? You probably do not know me, but happened upon my … More More ways to read than you can shake a stick at

Review Trenches

If you have noticed an absence here, it is because I’ve been busy reading. I have a confession: I’m a slow reader. I like to settle into a soft chair, or under the covers in bed, and savor imaginary worlds authors create for me. That means I don’t read for pleasure on my computer, sitting (or kneeling as I am … More Review Trenches


There’s a fucking reason why he’s on the best seller list. I have finally started A Dance With Dragons, book five of A Song of Ice and Fire, and I know about all the criticisms out there claiming that George R. R. Martin is stalling and wallowing in the world he has built, but… Well, … More GRRM

Reading and Writing

While perusing the SFFWorld Writing Forum, I read a thread that caused me to pause.  A simple thing, really, but it made me think.  The author of the thread posit that s/he couldn’t write Fantasy or the type of story that s/he wanted unless s/he was reading similar material at the same time. How odd, … More Reading and Writing