Just when you thought it was safe to publish

I am sure many of you have already read about Night Shade Books whose assets are being sold to Skyhorse Publishing and Start Publishing. You can read a detailed account of the transaction and why it is happening here and here. And here is an interesting article from a writer’s perspective. That last link is very interesting. I suggest you … More Just when you thought it was safe to publish

Publishing Wars

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a war on. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t use the word ‘war’. It is hyperbole, antagonistic, and divisive when publishing shouldn’t be. (And there really is a war going on.) Anyway, recently, Hugh Howey responded to an interview of Sue Grafton posted on the LouisvilleKY.com website. For those of you who … More Publishing Wars


Title is stolen from some other blogger. Sorry. If I could remember where I got it, I’d credit you! Linksplat might be so ubiquitous now that I’m covered, though. (shrugs) Anywho… Critique vs Review It seems not enough of us know the difference between a critique and a review. No one has asked me, but here … More Linksplat

Hard questions a new author should ask themselves

With self-publishing becoming the go-to publishing paradigm for new authors, I’ve been long contemplating this course of action. My reasons for doing so are primarily because I don’t think my work is good enough to attract the attention of agents or publishers. Egads, so why would I want to self-publish? Why fling my trash into the street … More Hard questions a new author should ask themselves

Serialized fiction

If you follow any of the blog posts about publishing today, you know that times are a-changin’.  With the introduction of POD (print-on-demand) printing technology and eBooks (electronic versions of books in whatever format – .mobi, .pdf, kindle, etc.), the traditional printing paradigm in shifting…to the past. Serialized Fiction was something those crazy Victorian’s got into, and … More Serialized fiction

Throwing it out there

I didn’t really want to enter the fray, but here I go. Have you seen all the hoopla about Book Country?  Do you even know what it is? Book Country is an off-shoot of a rather large publishing house (Penguin).  Basically, it is another venue to workshop your book.  The difference between Book Country and … More Throwing it out there

Self-publishers beware…I’m taking over the world!

Yeah, I know, strange title.  I will, of course, explain, but first…guess what? Go on!  Guess. (sigh…I’m waiting…) Yup.  You guessed right – it’s my birthday this weekend!  (I knew the cosmic waves were pulsing through your body sending an image of me crawling out of my mother’s womb.  Nice, huh?) Anyway, as my forty-second … More Self-publishers beware…I’m taking over the world!

The Blurb

We all have to write one.  Not only that, we have to write any possible combination of the following: A pitch. A synopsis. A tag line (forgot all about that one! thanks for reminding me, JWManus…I think) And then, the infamous, back cover blurb.  You know that bit on the back that either confuses a … More The Blurb


You probably know about Duotrope, but maybe you don’t.  I just used Duotrope so I thought I’d spread the word. So here’s the deal, after writing for a bit, you tend to accumulate all this…crap.  Stories that for some reason you still like and want others to mock. But where the heck do you send … More Duotrope