Yes, folks, it really does exist: And, yes, that is me poking my head out of a hobbit home in Hobbiton, New Zealand. My husband and I are in Matamata, North Island, New Zealand for the next two weeks. Imagine my content surprise when I realized that Hobbiton was only a bus ride away. I … More Hobbiton

Moving along

Hey, how do you like the new duds? I changed the theme on my blog. If you read via something other than a browser, you might want to come take a look. It is called Sunspot, and is the latest free offering from WordPress. I thought the colors matched my old and current Gravatar picture. … More Moving along

Our dark little secrets

America’s dark, little secrets are everywhere.  They are cleaning our homes, maintaining our lawns, and taking care of our children.  They even help out on the weekends digging ditches. But this past weekend, we found out they do a lot more than just manual labor. Jose Antonio Vargas, a young, up-and-coming, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist, admitted … More Our dark little secrets