Because I’m too lazy to do otherwise

You get a link list today. Aren’t you excited? Actually, you should be. I’ve complied some interesting and thought-provoking links for you, and I even included a fun video. Enjoy. It seems Amazon is flexing its mighty muscle against independent publishers – again. They’ve decided to pull titles from their website after negotiations failed. Yikes! Does make … More Because I’m too lazy to do otherwise

Jackson Action

I just received my rejection from Ms. Jennifer Jackson of the Donald Mass Agency.  If interested, I posted the entire letter on a new page in my virtual Rejection wall (see links above). I submitted late on Sunday evening and got the rejection this morning – that’s less than 5 days.  I’m guessing as soon … More Jackson Action

First query ever

Oh, dear.  I just did something rather impulsive.  I sent in a query letter to Jennifer Jackson of the Donald Mass Literary Agency. I know, I know – that’s like a slug asking the Queen of England to pause for just a second and take a look at the slime trail it just made for … More First query ever