Feed the Beast

Happy Monday, It’s been awhile since I posted some links, so…why not? Politics With all the Republican presidential debates, political bias is getting thick enough to gag on. Are you forming your political opinions based on facts or feelings? Check out this political bias quiz and let me know if you scored better than I did … More Feed the Beast

Around the horn

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I thought I’d hit you with some awesome links and a bit of my fiction (gulp!). First up, three blog posts you might want to read: The World SF Blog re-posted a piece by Aliette de Bodard, an excellent fantasy and science fiction writer who … More Around the horn

We are all connected

In more ways than we really are not all that far apart in the familial sense (that’s why I married someone literally from the other side of the planet). No one wants to marry their cousin (I hope), so it’s a good idea to look far and wide when choosing a mate. It has proven well for our species so … More We are all connected