Ahoy Matey!

Gods and devils be damned, it be ITLAPD*! If’n ya searching for booty, board the good ship LibraryThing and join the hunt for treasure! If’n ya be befuddled, ITLAPD means International Talk Like A Pirate Day! And I’m not very good at it, so I’m stopping right there (especially since it seems pirates end each … More Ahoy Matey!

Self-publishers beware…I’m taking over the world!

Yeah, I know, strange title.  I will, of course, explain, but first…guess what? Go on!  Guess. (sigh…I’m waiting…) Yup.  You guessed right – it’s my birthday this weekend!  (I knew the cosmic waves were pulsing through your body sending an image of me crawling out of my mother’s womb.  Nice, huh?) Anyway, as my forty-second … More Self-publishers beware…I’m taking over the world!