A while back, Mr. Scalzi wrote about The New York Times calling him a “pretentious git” because he described something using a well-known, U.K. phrase. You can read about it here on Mr. Scalzi’s blog. And here’s the offending article. You should read the NYT article. The author (Mr. Alex Williams) even attacks the use … More Snacking

To Fic or Non-Fic

Well, it’s all the rage.  Writers putting it out there.  Airing their dirty laundry and horrid numbers. John Scalzi wrote about how much he makes today. Mr. Scalzi didn’t actually put hard numbers out there the way Tobais Buckell did here on the 1st of April (hey, was that a joke?).  But I think what … More To Fic or Non-Fic

Hard numbers

I follow several of the “big” writer blogs: Nathan Bransford, John Scalzi, and Mark Newton.  Along with Joe Konrath and Tobias Buckell. Interesting fact to note – I’ve never read any of these guys’ stuff.  Just their blogs.  Weird, huh? Anyway, Tobais Buckell recently posted about his sales.  Specifically, sales of his short story anthology … More Hard numbers