Can be amazing symbols of opportunity. In fiction, particularly fantasy and science fiction, doors are often gateways to other realms. But more often than not, they are simply doors; meant to keep inside stuff in and outside stuff out. And sometimes, the door itself is not enough to do that last job. So that’s when … More Doors

The Rainbow

When the sun comes up and a mist is in the air and the whole sky is brilliant, then from a natural fountain the rainbow is born, stretching forth in an enormous arc. But it fears the people of earth; their faces are much too lively, and it draws itself back though the sky like … More The Rainbow

Lighting the fire

Johnathan Hobin, someone I have never heard of but I’m sure is world-famous and the news just now reached me under my 15 ton rock, has just released several controversial photos.  His press release features another photo, so I’m sure the show encompasses these on the web as well as more. The one above, titled … More Lighting the fire