Authors Behaving…Not So Well

If someone came up to you, face to face, and said Your writing sucks!, wouldn’t you get a tad offended? Maybe even angry? Might you even do or say something in response that you shouldn’t? We all like to think that, as writers, great masters of words and sentiments, that we are noble, witty, and … More Authors Behaving…Not So Well


More ways to read than you can shake a stick at

(Happy Veteran’s Day!) Technology is amazing. I mean, twenty years ago, heck, even ten years ago, someone like me would not have (potentially) the entire population of the world for my audience. Right? Who would have thunk it that you’d be reading this very blog? You probably do not know me, but happened upon my … More More ways to read than you can shake a stick at

Writing Update 2012-9

Just a few quick announcements: The End is near. Seriously. The submission contests are complete! We have nine excellent stories to publish along with a story each from Hugh Howey, Michael J. Sullivan, and Tristis Ward. Woohoo! Now all I have to do is figure out how to ePublish them properly AND promote the … More Writing Update 2012-9

Publishing Wars

In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a war on. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t use the word ‘war’. It is hyperbole, antagonistic, and divisive when publishing shouldn’t be. (And there really is a war going on.) Anyway, recently, Hugh Howey responded to an interview of Sue Grafton posted on the website. For those of you who … More Publishing Wars

Yapping with authors

Never leads to where I think it will. When we read a book, we form certain ideas about the characters, the world setting, and, even, about the author. I’ve seen it said that a good book is the amalgamation of the writer’s words and the reader’s imagination. The thing is, the two may not see … More Yapping with authors

Hugh Howey

Howdy Folks, Just an FYI – I got a chance to interview a great author this past week.  His name is Hugh Howey.  He writes awesome science fiction.  His dystopian short stories titled WOOL are amazing and I highly recommend them. My interview with Mr. Howey is up on here.  A slightly different version is … More Hugh Howey