Two random short stories

With all the accepting and rejecting of anthology submissions I’ve done lately, it got me thinking about my own stories. Alas, many of them are not very good; all rejected several times by editors. While some I revise and continue to push out into the world in hopes of finding a home for them, most I … More Two random short stories

The Scribe

A bit of flash fiction for your Friday. WARNING: Adult content. The Scribe by N. E. White The scribe writes at a pace that would rival a snail. “Is it always this hot in Alexandria?” I ask, then immediately regret it for the scribe’s quill lifts from the page. His face crunches up in what … More The Scribe

I Hate Phillip

I hate Phillip because he left me. A cold wind tore through my thick, black cloak, sending a shiver along my spine. I let it worm its way into my heart, hoping it would kill the last remnants of love between us. Though the flames were too far to warm me, a gust of air … More I Hate Phillip

Around the horn

I haven’t done one of these in a while, so I thought I’d hit you with some awesome links and a bit of my fiction (gulp!). First up, three blog posts you might want to read: The World SF Blog re-posted a piece by Aliette de Bodard, an excellent fantasy and science fiction writer who … More Around the horn

Writing Update 2012-9

Just a few quick announcements: The End is near. Seriously. The submission contests are complete! We have nine excellent stories to publish along with a story each from Hugh Howey, Michael J. Sullivan, and Tristis Ward. Woohoo! Now all I have to do is figure out how to ePublish them properly AND promote the … More Writing Update 2012-9

Writing Update 2012-6

(NOTE: My apologies to those of you subscribed by email and are getting this for the second time. I erroneously scheduled this post to appear July 8th, rather than July 18th. Oops! Funny how WordPress allows us to travel through time… ) Hello World, Welcome to Sunny California! Damn is it hot. Is it hot … More Writing Update 2012-6

Flashed me one

Well, I done wrote me a flash piece and sent it in – all done under two hours! What’s wrong with me? Note to all new writers: Do not send in a piece prior to giving yourself some space to let the story rest. I’m sure when I re-read the story in a day or … More Flashed me one