61 Farringdon Road, London, September 8th, 1915 The bomb rocked the buildings on Farringdon Road. Danny found himself lying face down on the walkway. Dust and screams filled the late evening air. A whistle sounded far above, another incoming gift from the Kaiser. He coughed, bowing his head, hands up to protect. The ground shook. … More Wyvernfight

Elijah’s Fear

I wrote this story ages ago. So, it’s not particularly well written, but it did earn a spot in Tales of the Sword, edited by Dorothy Davies. If you like this story, please considering buying the anthology. Warning: adult content ahead (not really, but need to warn the kiddies). Also, this is a love story. … More Elijah’s Fear

Blog Tour: The End

Happy Martin Luther King’s Day, Everyone! I am happy to announce that I finally got The End: Visions of Apocalypse FREE on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords. Woohoo! In celebration of that technical feat (okay, I just had to click on the right setting), I and several other participating authors are doing a blog tour. … More Blog Tour: The End


I’m such a bozo sometimes. I often assume the stupidest things.  One of which is that my dear twelve* readers must have all come from SFFWorld.com.  Because, frankly, who else would be interested in what I have to write other than my good friends from the forums? Because one’s username on the forum doesn’t necessarily … More SFFWorld.com

Review: Midnight Riot

Fun, smart read, some great one-liners, and girl-friend looks, along with a Jaguar screaming through the street of London – what’s not to like? Oh, yeah, and there’s a psycho-ghost on the loose killing random pommies and only a street-smart, ethic wannabe-wizard can save the day – what’s not to love? Midnight Riot by Ben … More Review: Midnight Riot

Short Blurb or Synopsis

On the NaNoWriMo site, there’s a page on which us would be novel writers can summarize our novel. It has a slot for the title.  Easy, Devil’s Blood.  Check. Novel genre?  Well, there are options for historical fiction, mystery/thriller/suspense and fantasy, but not historical/fantasy/murder-mystery fiction.  Hmmm, I’ll pick fantasy.  A human-sized bat flying around the … More Short Blurb or Synopsis