Some serial editing

Like a serial killer? Don’t ask. Anyway… I follow Catherine, Caffeinated. She’s a feisty writer who has carved out a niche in the self-publishing advice blognet. I haven’t read any of her books, but she doles out some great advice on her blog. Recently, she invited Robert Doran, an editor with Kazoo Independent Publishing Services … More Some serial editing

Editing Blues

Last year (that sounds so long ago, doesn’t it?), I submitted my first novel, Devil’s Blood, to Critters (an online writer critique group). I got two readers. That sounds dismal, I know, and it probably is, but I got back two great critiques by J.M. Odell and Ashleigh Richie (thank you, two, again!). And to … More Editing Blues

Bloody Typos

I really do try to keep typos from making an appearance in my writing.  I know it doesn’t seem like I proof my posts, but despite the overwhelming damning evidence, I do. Why is it that I can type the word beacon, when I know I meant to say beckon? In my head, I hear the word beckon, but … More Bloody Typos