Writing Update #6

Actually, over the years, I have no idea how many writing updates I’ve bombarded you all with. It’s probably closer to sixty than six, but who’s counting? This past summer, work had taken me to Ethiopia (twice), Kenya, and Chile. While I got to meet new people and learn about different cultures, traveling definitely disrupted … More Writing Update #6

If the door is open…

Does that mean I can come in? In the case of Angry Robot – yes! It is that time of year again, folks. Angry Robot, an up-and-coming publishing house located in the United Kingdom, is accepting unsolicited manuscripts from unagented* authors. For those of you struggling to finish that adult science fiction/fantasy novel, here’s your chance! … More If the door is open…

Life in the fast lane

Just means you’re old. Or busy. Can you believe it’s Monday already? Where does the time go? Not much to report on this fine Monday Morning in TMSOLAND, but here are a few tidbits you might be interested in. Survey! Everyone likes filling out survey forms, right? Right. Right? Come on, it’ll only take ya 10 to … More Life in the fast lane

Dog Alert

I’m bored.  I have heaps to do, but don’t want to do it.  Can’t think of a better way to procrastinate than to post pictures of my dog (get over it) and some of the local birds. Enjoy!                         Sorry, couldn’t help myself with … More Dog Alert