Blog Tour End

All good things come to an end, don’t they? ~ N. E. White (Yes, I just quoted myself.) I am now closing out my promotional push for The End – Visions of Apocalypse (TEVA). This is the last you’ll have to read my harping about the “little anthology that could”. We may do another round when our … More Blog Tour End

Getting me some nookie

Now, do you think the marketing gurus at Barns and Noble realized how close in the modern dictionary (i.e., Google) ‘nook’ was to ‘nookie’ (alternate spelling: nooky)? I’m sure that didn’t escape them. Because, as we all know, sex sells everything. Right? Well, not in my case. When I first heard the name for Barns … More Getting me some nookie

Serialized fiction

If you follow any of the blog posts about publishing today, you know that times are a-changin’.  With the introduction of POD (print-on-demand) printing technology and eBooks (electronic versions of books in whatever format – .mobi, .pdf, kindle, etc.), the traditional printing paradigm in shifting…to the past. Serialized Fiction was something those crazy Victorian’s got into, and … More Serialized fiction

I’m an e-Reader!

I completely forgot to tell the world.  I am officially an e-Reader now. For the past year, I’ve been humming and hawing about which e-Reader (the Nook?  Something from Sony?  An iPad?) to buy when I realized I already had one. My cell phone. I have an iPhone and there’s a nifty, free Kindle app … More I’m an e-Reader!