We are all connected

In more ways than we really are not all that far apart in the familial sense (that’s why I married someone literally from the other side of the planet). No one wants to marry their cousin (I hope), so it’s a good idea to look far and wide when choosing a mate. It has proven well for our species so … More We are all connected

The spice of life

Is variety, no? We want to follow the herd. It’s safer that way. Not likely to get taken out by the stalking hyenas or lions, but we aren’t likely to get noticed either. And in the world of blogging, attention is the game. Remember? That’s why I’m doing this series; a review of Mr. Brewer’s 25 … More The spice of life

Scratch that niche

Let’s get right to it, students. What’s the sixth piece of advice from the 25 Ways to Increase Blog Traffic post? All together now… Create a niche. Most successful blogs have a niche, something that defines what it is. Over at Poetic Asides, that niche is poetry, especially related to poetry prompts and challenges. MNINB is not the best … More Scratch that niche

Baring my soul

Please, don’t crush it. See what I did just there? I sort-of have the confidence to put it all out there, but then I pull back and ask you all to forgive me. I know that’s annoying. I know I’m a whiner. And I know you all get tired of reading my rambles about my … More Baring my soul

Shine them shoes

Always put your best foot forward. Don’t fall into the trap of pulling punches on your blog. That is, don’t hold back your content. I’ve heard many writers talk about how they use their blogs as places to throw their scraps. Well, I don’t know about you, but I have more than enough great content available to me online … More Shine them shoes

Talk to me, baby

It is nice to get attention. WordPress gives us lots of tools to keep track of who is visiting our blog and when. They even came up with a cool map feature.  Very nifty. But, for us attention whores, that’s just not enough, is it? We want to know what you think. Readers have opinions, … More Talk to me, baby