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I have lots of stories running around in my head.  On occasion, I write them down.  Some folks have thought a few of those were worthy of publication.

Here they are:

Lorena Libre in This Mutant Life (magazine defunct).

Bollyman in Everyday Fiction.

It Begins – a first contact story, published in the First Contact Imminent anthology by Red Skies Press.

Elijah’s Fear in the Tales of the Sword anthology by Red Skies Press.

God’s Vengeance in Emmie Mears blog, flash-fiction End of the World contest (lost, but a few folks said they liked it).

Blood, Flesh, and Bone in 2012 Costumed Curses blog-flash fiction contest. I won!

The Emperor’s 13th Choice in Lucky or Unlucky? 13 Stories of Fate.

A Suitable Match in Allegory, an online fiction magazine. Click the “Download as PDF” link to read the entire story.

The Price of a Princess in Mystic Signals, Issue 22.

Blog Fiction

I’ve posted a few stories of varying quality here on this blog. Here they are:


I’ve also compiled a few anthologies in partnership with the good writers at

Thank you for reading,

N.  E. White


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