Blog Tour End

All good things come to an end, don’t they? ~ N. E. White (Yes, I just quoted myself.) I am now closing out my promotional push for The End – Visions of Apocalypse (TEVA). This is the last you’ll have to read my harping about the “little anthology that could”. We may do another round when our … More Blog Tour End

Serialized fiction

If you follow any of the blog posts about publishing today, you know that times are a-changin’.  With the introduction of POD (print-on-demand) printing technology and eBooks (electronic versions of books in whatever format – .mobi, .pdf, kindle, etc.), the traditional printing paradigm in shifting…to the past. Serialized Fiction was something those crazy Victorian’s got into, and … More Serialized fiction

Self-publishers beware…I’m taking over the world!

Yeah, I know, strange title.  I will, of course, explain, but first…guess what? Go on!  Guess. (sigh…I’m waiting…) Yup.  You guessed right – it’s my birthday this weekend!  (I knew the cosmic waves were pulsing through your body sending an image of me crawling out of my mother’s womb.  Nice, huh?) Anyway, as my forty-second … More Self-publishers beware…I’m taking over the world!

The Blurb

We all have to write one.  Not only that, we have to write any possible combination of the following: A pitch. A synopsis. A tag line (forgot all about that one! thanks for reminding me, JWManus…I think) And then, the infamous, back cover blurb.  You know that bit on the back that either confuses a … More The Blurb

Book Covers

I have a confession to make. I had absolutely nothing to do yesterday afternoon.  No bike rides scheduled.  Grocery shopping finished.  And since we are renting, no need to do that gardening – it’ll wait. I could have read something.  Could have critiqued a story or two on Critters and upped my participation ratio.  But … More Book Covers