Query Tracker

I had wondered how to keep track of my queries and was considering a spreadsheet.  I have a list of agents stored in a plain text file that T. gave me way back before I thought I would even attempt to query.  I was slowly expanding it with each agent’s contact information and submission details.  … More Query Tracker

First query ever

Oh, dear.  I just did something rather impulsive.  I sent in a query letter to Jennifer Jackson of the Donald Mass Literary Agency. I know, I know – that’s like a slug asking the Queen of England to pause for just a second and take a look at the slime trail it just made for … More First query ever


Don’t have much to write, but thought I’d drop a line. Just picked up a copy of A Drizzle of Honey, The Lives and Recipes of Spain’s Secret Jews by Gitlitz and Davidson from the local library.  Should prove interesting source material for my novel. Figured out how many words a day I have to … More 1666.666

My Rejection Wall

I have an idea.  We’ve all heard about countless writers tacking up all their rejection letters on their walls, right? Well, what is a woman to do in the digital age? All my submissions thus far have been done electronically.  And, consequently, all my rejections have been received electronically. So…I will hence forth have a … More My Rejection Wall

The rejected…

story is up: A Mother’s Curse. WARNING: X-RATED!!!! EDIT: I found a picture, doesn’t really fit the story, but I think it fits the genre.  Should have known better than to try to dip into something better left alone (or for those braver than I). 😉 Photo from Marginalized Action Dinosaur. Enjoy?  Anyway, later, tmso


I’ve been thinking about my latest rejection – all night long. Yeah, it is hard to get a rejection but what is even harder is not knowing why. Was it because I sent in the file with Courier font instead of Times New Roman? Was it because I failed to follow instructions and submit the … More Rejection


I want to talk about sex. Particularly, violent sex or rape. Here’s my question: how do you know when you’ve gone too far? When is something considered R rated or even X rated? As a new writer, I try my best to follow the advice of “show, don’t tell”. Maybe to my detriment? Someone I … More XXX


Just got rejected…again. (sigh) When I first started submitting my (horrible) work to magazines, I expected to get rejected.  Come on, did I really think editors would see my brilliance through all the typos, grammar goofs, stilted prose, and incoherent plots?  Of course not!  I knew my stories were just barely that, but hopefully, I … More Rejection