Rule #8

Wow – I can’t believe it’s been more than a month since I reviewed Rule #7 from Pixar’s 22 Storytelling Rules. Time truly speeds by when you are having fun (or working too much). So, let’s get right to it, shall we? Pixar’s next rule is one that I struggle with the most, I think. … More Rule #8

The Moody Writer

Ug.  I shouldn’t have submitted to that local magazine.  The rejection is burrowing into my brain, setting up shop, and demanding that I crawl under my rock with the rest of my brethren: the maggots, slugs, and cockroaches. I wish I didn’t get this way, but I do – all sensitive and prickly.  I can’t … More The Moody Writer

The Gentle Editor

You know, I should submit more often, just so I can get such nice rejections like this: Whether or not you’re selected for publication, know that we admire your work and are thrilled you’ve entered. Actually, it’s just a form acknowledgement letter of our submissions, but, still, the editor didn’t have to put that sentence … More The Gentle Editor

Flashed me one

Well, I done wrote me a flash piece and sent it in – all done under two hours! What’s wrong with me? Note to all new writers: Do not send in a piece prior to giving yourself some space to let the story rest. I’m sure when I re-read the story in a day or … More Flashed me one

Win Some, Lose Some

I just got a really nice rejection letter from May December Publications.  If they were all like that…well, I just might get used to it! 😉 Here are my Duotrope stats as of this rejection: Pending responses for last 12 months: 1 Submissions sent last 12 months: 8 Submissions sent this month: 0 Acceptance ratio … More Win Some, Lose Some

Query Quandary

I just had my first writing buddy (writing buddy #1) read over my query letter.  The verdict was grim, oh, so grim. I’m ashamed to have let that thing out the door, and actually had a real-life agent read and reject it. Joe, my writing buddy #1,  couldn’t even get past the first sentence. I … More Query Quandary

Jackson Action

I just received my rejection from Ms. Jennifer Jackson of the Donald Mass Agency.  If interested, I posted the entire letter on a new page in my virtual Rejection wall (see links above). I submitted late on Sunday evening and got the rejection this morning – that’s less than 5 days.  I’m guessing as soon … More Jackson Action