Favorite Fantasy Fems

Some time ago, I was reading Kat Goodwin’s blog. It’s a treasure trove of information and inspiration. You should check it out. Anyway, I was reading this particular post regarding women in films and it got me thinking about female characters in general. More specifically, it got me thinking about fictional women I’ve read that … More Favorite Fantasy Fems


Can be amazing symbols of opportunity. In fiction, particularly fantasy and science fiction, doors are often gateways to other realms. But more often than not, they are simply doors; meant to keep inside stuff in and outside stuff out. And sometimes, the door itself is not enough to do that last job. So that’s when … More Doors

Are you a dragon?

Today is ‘Appreciate a Dragon‘ Day. Don’t believe me? Click on the link above. Is there really an appreciate a dragon day? Who comes up with these things? No disrespect meant towards (mythical) dragons, but really? A day all for massive lizards? Here’s the thing though: Dragons have played a huge role in many cultures around the … More Are you a dragon?


Holy Dragon-bait, People! NaNoWriMo is less than four days away. I know I know just breathe just breathe calm down stop pacing QUIT HYPERVENTILATING! Oh, that’s me. Sorry. So, if you are plugged into the whole NaNoWriMo media machine (they are impressive, aren’t they?), then you must know on Tuesday of next week, start writing. … More Dragons

Day 29

Yes, folks, it’s the last day of NewNoWriMo!! For those of you who have made it this far, keep going! In less than 24 hours, you can rest, so give it your all RIGHT NOW. Write all day if you have to, but don’t stop until you see your goal in the rear view mirror. … More Day 29

Day 28

Lazy Sunday, but you’re writing, right? Right. “Fiction is about stuff that’s screwed up.” – Nancy Kress So, let’s get a little screwy. I managed to get in 2,979 words yesterday, bringing my monthly total to 13,491 words. I plan to write the same amount today. How about you? Record your daily word counts here: NewNoWriMo Tracking. Remember, … More Day 28

Day 27

Three days left, folks. Three days to go out in a blazing glory. Three days to write until your butt develops pimples. (No, you cannot unread that.) Three days to continue the hard work you started way back on Feb 1st, 2016. Though I know many have fallen off this space shuttle, there’s still a … More Day 27

Day 26

“This is how you do it: You sit down at the keyboard and you put one word after another until it is done. It’s that easy. And that hard.” ~ Neil Gaiman Less than four days to go to reach our writing goals. Skip breakfast and ignore email. Oh, and forget about eating lunch. But don’t forget … More Day 26

Day 25

“Just write every day of your life. Read intensely. Then see what happens. Most of my friends who are put on that diet have very pleasant careers.” ~ Ray Bradbury Less than five days to go to reach our writing goals. Skip breakfast and ignore email. Oh, and forget about eating lunch. But don’t forget in … More Day 25

Day 24

“If it sounds like writing, I rewrite it. Or, if proper usage gets in the way, it may have to go. I can’t allow what we learned in English composition to disrupt the sound and rhythm of the narrative.” ~ Elmore Leonard Less than six days to go to reach our writing goals. Skip breakfast … More Day 24