Will be the year I publish. I swear. They* say not to commit to a goal one does not have complete control over. Like: getting traditionally published. One can’t control an agent or publishers. All you can control are your actions. So, you can set a goal to submit to agents or publishers, but it … More 2017


Writing Update #7

Howdy Folks, I hope this blog post finds you on a fine Sunday morning/afternoon/evening (depending on where you might be on this here planet, maybe even Monday morning). It feels as if I have been neglecting my blog after the non-stop posts in February during NewNoWriMo (remember that?). But really, posting once a month is … More Writing Update #7

My Write Club (part 2)

Hello Everyone, Earlier this week, I dashed off a quick post about myWriteClub.com. I was super busy, but excited about the (newly discovered) site and wanted to share. Plus, I find I do much better writing with people than alone. (Fancy that, I’m the classic introvert.) Anyway, the quickly formed plan was to let you all … More My Write Club (part 2)

State of the Writer

Happy Monday, Folks! This is one of those posts in which I write of every thing going on in my writerly-world – including the kitchen sink.   Okay, maybe not an actual kitchen sink, but you know what I mean, right? Whether you do or don’t, let’s do this. 2013 Accomplishments Anthology Yay! We did … More State of the Writer

Writing Update 2012-6

(NOTE: My apologies to those of you subscribed by email and are getting this for the second time. I erroneously scheduled this post to appear July 8th, rather than July 18th. Oops! Funny how WordPress allows us to travel through time… ) Hello World, Welcome to Sunny California! Damn is it hot. Is it hot … More Writing Update 2012-6

What’s your process?

During one of my writing coach (WC) sessions, my WC says, “This is all crap. You have the bones, but nothing else. But DON’T PANIC. This must be part of your process.” Okay, she didn’t say the ‘crap’ part, but the comment floored me nonetheless. Process? I don’t have a (friggin’) process. I’m floundering here, … More What’s your process?

Writing Update 2012-4

Happy Earth Day, Everyone. Oh, and welcome back, tmso. Nice to have you with us. Care to fill us in on what’s been going on in your life? (I’m sure you’d rather my schizophrenic self not do this, but this is my public shaming wall, so here it goes.) The Denouncer The re-vamp of Devil’s Blood is … More Writing Update 2012-4

365 days

This year is almost over, and since everyone is doing it, I thought it would be a good idea to review my 2011 blogging year and plan out my goals for 2012. First, the numbers. The post with the most views: Dog Alert Yup, you guessed it: Pictures of my dog.  I knew we should … More 365 days

Writing Update #1000

I’m very excited.  I’m bouncing off my chair trying to contain myself. Yesterday I picked up my mail… Let me back up, I ordered a book… Wait… Oh!  Here it is: Yes, gentle readers, this is my second real-life, printed-on-paper, publication! My first pub was in a magazine called This Mutant Life.  That magazine no … More Writing Update #1000