The other day, a fellow writer posted a question over on¬†about chapters. Just what makes up a chapter? What does one put in them? When does one know a chapter begins and ends? How many words go into a chapter? The poster’s questions got me thinking, so here we are. ūüôā I’m not a … More Chapters

What’s your process?

During one of my writing coach (WC) sessions, my WC says, “This is all crap. You have the bones, but nothing else. But DON’T PANIC. This must be part of your process.” Okay, she didn’t say the ‘crap’ part, but the comment floored me nonetheless. Process? I don’t have a (friggin’) process. I’m floundering here, … More What’s your process?

Why you need editors

If you intend to self-publish, you need editors. Note, I said editors with an ‘s’. When I started writing, I knew very little of the publishing world, but coming from an educated background, I was aware of these creatures called ‘editor’. I mean, we all know newspapers have editors. Journals have editors. Magazines have editors. … More Why you need editors

Editing Blues

Last year (that sounds so long ago, doesn’t it?), I submitted my first novel, Devil’s Blood, to Critters (an online writer critique group). I got two readers. That sounds dismal, I know, and it probably is, but I got back two great critiques by J.M. Odell and Ashleigh Richie (thank you, two, again!). And to … More Editing Blues

The bane of my life

I know that I love to write. ¬†I like to record the daydreams that assault me every day, every waking moment. ¬†It makes me happy. ¬†But, like most writers (right?), I hate to revise. ¬†For ¬†me, revising is like having your teeth cleaned while getting an enema. ¬†It is just not pleasant. But, we all … More The bane of my life

Standing apart

If you have been following my blog for a while, you may have noticed that I am reviewing¬†the¬†Writer‚Äôs Digest¬†25 Ways to Improve Your Writing in 30 Minutes a Day¬†article. ¬†In an effort to improve my writing, I thought it would be a good idea to explore the 25 tips in a blog post for each. … More Standing apart

Bloody Typos

I really do try to keep typos from making an appearance in my writing. ¬†I know it doesn’t seem like I proof my posts, but despite the¬†overwhelming¬†damning evidence, I do. Why is it that I can type the word beacon, when I know I meant to say¬†beckon? In my head, I hear¬†the word beckon, but … More Bloody Typos