Holy crap. Is it that time of year again? On Sunday, November 1st, 2015, keyboards across the world will be set ablaze. Or maybe not. It may end up looking a lot like the above – an old notebook and a pencil on some nondescript desk. Of course, that desk could be in a little … More nanoNaNoNANO

Nila’s Writing Rules

As some of you know, I’m a moderator over at the Writing forum on There’s really nothing to moderate. I’m just a glorified coordinator. My main job is to stick and unstick contest threads. Occasionally, there’s a scuffle between writers, but we’re an insipid lot. We may wield our pens like swords, but they’re … More Nila’s Writing Rules

Tweeting your novel

If you keep up on web news, you might have heard that entertainment sites like Netflix account for a vast proportion of internet traffic on any given day. You’ve probably also heard that social media eats up whatever is left over (not really, but we all know where you waste most of your time). So, it … More Tweeting your novel

First lines

Over on A Tale Unfolds, Arkenaten listed opening lines of books he found on his shelves. I thought I’d do the same, but with only the first line from some of my favorite books. Which would you read or not? Ramón Espejo awoke floating in a sea of darkness. ~ Hunter’s Run by George R. R. Martin, … More First lines