Can be amazing symbols of opportunity. In fiction, particularly fantasy and science fiction, doors are often gateways to other realms. But more often than not, they are simply doors; meant to keep inside stuff in and outside stuff out. And sometimes, the door itself is not enough to do that last job. So that’s when … More Doors

One of these days…

I’ll do an anthology about dragons. But not today. So, it is official. Well, as official as it gets around here. This year’s anthology’s theme will be… (drum roll, please) Heroes and Villains. I know, I know. There are heaps of other hero/villain anthologies out there. But here’s where ours will differ: your heroine/villain … More One of these days…


Will be the year I publish. I swear. They* say not to commit to a goal one does not have complete control over. Like: getting traditionally published. One can’t control an agent or publishers. All you can control are your actions. So, you can set a goal to submit to agents or publishers, but it … More 2017

Goodbye, 2016

And good riddance. Did 2016 end badly or what? Wars raging throughout the planet, a backlash against minority rights, and no one liked what happened to Glenn on The Walking Dead  – no one. And did it seem like more famous folk died this year than normal? Maybe it’s just the collective baby-boomer generation heading … More Goodbye, 2016


We are all going to die. Some sooner than others. Earlier this year, or maybe it was last year, I can’t remember, I came across this post by Tim Urban. If you don’t want to click-through and read the entire thing, here’s the gist of it: There are, more or less, 52 weeks in a year. … More Finishing

Lindsay Buroker and I

Ms. Lindsay Buroker doesn’t know it, but she’s one of my personal heroes. Last year or so, another writer, Wilson Geiger to be exact, told me I had to visit Ms. Buroker’s blog. Since I admire Wilson, I took his advice and discovered a ton of advice for the indie writer. While absorbing all her wisdom, … More Lindsay Buroker and I

My Write Club

Howdy Folks, I just discovered My Write Club. If you join up, follow me: N_E_White. I’ll follow you back. Then, set your goals and join me today at noon (PST) in the global sprint. Here’s a handy time-table to help you figure out when that is where you’re at: Location Local time Time zone UTC … More My Write Club

The NEW NaNoWriMo

The end is near, my friends, so I thought I should wrap up a few loose ends and announce an exciting new challenge. NaNoWriMo Did you complete the challenge? All 50,000 words of it? I did not. I managed about 13,000 words which amounted to an almost complete second episode of my ghost stories series. … More The NEW NaNoWriMo