Public Service Announcement: I’ve been hacked. More specifically, my email account has been hacked. If I know you, then you probably received a suspicious email from me (a single link). Don’t click that link! If you do, some spammy spammer somewhere will laugh with maniacal glee. I’m doing my best to fix the problem, but … More Hacked

Hobbit Trailer

I know, I must get back to blogging – if only to keep me on a regular writing schedule. Alas, life is getting in the way at the moment. In the meantime, enjoy this:


Yes, folks, it really does exist: And, yes, that is me poking my head out of a hobbit home in Hobbiton, New Zealand. My husband and I are in Matamata, North Island, New Zealand for the next two weeks. Imagine my content surprise when I realized that Hobbiton was only a bus ride away. I … More Hobbiton

Going on vacation

No. Not really. I wish. But I am taking an unplanned vacation from my blog. Nothing bad has happened, just a bit overwhelmed. I’ll still be posting book reviews intermittently over on my other blog. I’ll be back here when…I’m back. In the meantime, enjoy this: H/T: Why Evolution is True

On foofaraws and such

Someone done gone and gave me a foofaraw. šŸ˜® No, that’s not a disease. Nor, sadly, is it a yummy pastry. Though that would be nice right about now, wouldn’t it? I got a wonderful thing last week from this gal. She happened upon my blog and thought I deserved theĀ VersatileĀ Blogger Award. She’s a former … More On foofaraws and such

Allergic Rhinitis

Ah, in gentler times, it was called hay fever. Well, when I was a kid, that’s what we called it.Ā  And it was treated with a hot shower and an afternoon off from mowing the grass.Ā  (Yes!) I’ve always had hay fever, and I pretty much knew I was allergic to grasses, so when I … More Allergic Rhinitis

Homeless People

I’ve meant to post about homeless people.Ā  I see homeless people every day I ride into work. I see them at other times, too, but they are much easier to ignore when you are in a warm or air-conditioned car (depending on the season or time of day). I’m new to homeless people.Ā  Or, rather, … More Homeless People