Favorite Fantasy Fems

Some time ago, I was reading Kat Goodwin’s blog. It’s a treasure trove of information and inspiration. You should check it out. Anyway, I was reading this particular post regarding women in films and it got me thinking about female characters in general. More specifically, it got me thinking about fictional women I’ve read that … More Favorite Fantasy Fems


Books Read in 2016

Do you all use Goodreads? I do. My handle on Goodreads is N.E. White (if you want to hook up). If you are good (heh, pun intended) about listing your reads on Goodreads, the site provides a handy little end-of-year summary on what you’ve read. Here’s a link to mine. If you don’t want to … More Books Read in 2016

On the Kindle

Sometimes the holidays bring free time. Sometimes not. But here’s what is on my Kindle right now. Hopefully, I’ll get through it all before the new year. Feel free to share your own list either by commenting on this post, or posting your own list and linking back to mine. The Dragon’s Hoard* * That’s … More On the Kindle

First lines

Over on A Tale Unfolds, Arkenaten listed opening lines of books he found on his shelves. I thought I’d do the same, but with only the first line from some of my favorite books. Which would you read or not? Ramón Espejo awoke floating in a sea of darkness. ~ Hunter’s Run by George R. R. Martin, … More First lines


The other day, my husband told me a shocking statistic: 42% of college graduates will never read another book after they graduate. Truly, I was shocked. I thought, 42% just stop reading – for the rest of their lives? This implies only 58% of college graduates read books beyond their graduation. I couldn’t believe it. I … More READ

Getting me some nookie

Now, do you think the marketing gurus at Barns and Noble realized how close in the modern dictionary (i.e., Google) ‘nook’ was to ‘nookie’ (alternate spelling: nooky)? I’m sure that didn’t escape them. Because, as we all know, sex sells everything. Right? Well, not in my case. When I first heard the name for Barns … More Getting me some nookie

Hugh Howey

Howdy Folks, Just an FYI – I got a chance to interview a great author this past week.  His name is Hugh Howey.  He writes awesome science fiction.  His dystopian short stories titled WOOL are amazing and I highly recommend them. My interview with Mr. Howey is up on SFFWorld.com here.  A slightly different version is … More Hugh Howey

Widget Nirvana

The wonderful WordPress wizards have answered our prayers: we have a GoodReads widget now! Check it out!  Over there, on the left sidebar.  Cool, huh?  I got all three of my book shelves going. GoodReads, an online community of readers, is a place where you can list all the books you’ve read, rate them, and then … More Widget Nirvana