It’s out!

This year’s’s anthology is out! We finally got it all together and published it yesterday. I’m proud of it. I hope folks like it. There’s something for everyone in this anthology. The first story is a fun little wizard story and the last is a great piece by Lindsay Buroker set in her popular Fallen Empire world. … More It’s out!

Two random short stories

With all the accepting and rejecting of anthology submissions I’ve done lately, it got me thinking about my own stories. Alas, many of them are not very good; all rejected several times by editors. While some I revise and continue to push out into the world in hopes of finding a home for them, most I … More Two random short stories


Early this year, the folks who hang out over on the forum started a micro-fiction contest. I know, I know. Micro-fiction? What the heck is that? Well, according to the internet, it is very short fiction. If you thought flash fiction was short (usually 1000 words or so), try micro-fiction. For the forum … More Micro-fiction

Wattpad News

Well, not news – exactly. Whoa. Back up there, little lady. It’s been awhile. You can’t just come in here expecting us not to notice you’ve ignored us all. (Ahem!) Let’s begin again… Hello Everyone!   Long time no read/write. I know, I know, my apologies for not spending time here and on your blogs. … More Wattpad News