Favorite Fantasy Fems

Some time ago, I was reading Kat Goodwin’s blog. It’s a treasure trove of information and inspiration. You should check it out. Anyway, I was reading this particular post regarding women in films and it got me thinking about female characters in general. More specifically, it got me thinking about fictional women I’ve read that … More Favorite Fantasy Fems


Early this year, the folks who hang out over on the SFFWorld.com forum started a micro-fiction contest. I know, I know. Micro-fiction? What the heck is that? Well, according to the internet, it is very short fiction. If you thought flash fiction was short (usually 1000 words or so), try micro-fiction. For the SFFWorld.com forum … More Micro-fiction

I Hate Phillip

I hate Phillip because he left me. A cold wind tore through my thick, black cloak, sending a shiver along my spine. I let it worm its way into my heart, hoping it would kill the last remnants of love between us. Though the flames were too far to warm me, a gust of air … More I Hate Phillip

Late, again

Late to the Party. Write 500 words where your main character has arrived to a party after something big happened. Try to paint a vivid picture after the fact. I don’t have time for this, but…here is goes…500 words… The broken glass crunching under my boots, and the hard scent of liquor should have alerted me.  … More Late, again