Are you a dragon?

Today is ‘Appreciate a Dragon‘ Day. Don’t believe me? Click on the link above. Is there really an appreciate a dragon day? Who comes up with these things? No disrespect meant towards (mythical) dragons, but really? A day all for massive lizards? Here’s the thing though: Dragons have played a huge role in many cultures around the … More Are you a dragon?

Giving Money

Last week, over on the You Are Here anthology site, I announced we’ll be donating $400 to the Humane Society – that’s in addition to the $500 we donated to HS last year. (That initial amount was given in lieu of paying the wonderful Lindsay Buroker for an original story.) As much as I love … More Giving Money


Yes, you read that right. An ecotour: part blog tour, part ecotone, and all about a virtual journey around this here blog-o-sphere. Are you ready? I’m co-conspirator, oh, I mean, co-editor of Ecotones. We’ve asked all our authors a series of questions. So many now that I wonder when they’ll start to mutiny! But what I … More Ecotour

Dream Big

Today I have the pleasure of introducing Charlotte Ashley, adventure fantasy author and bookseller and, now, anthology publisher! I met Charlotte online (where else?) over on when she joined the forum to participate in our contests. Her writing is smart, funny, and entertaining. I have no idea why her work isn’t in every store … More Dream Big

The Next Big Thing

How can I possibly do this post after this one? Easy. I have no shame. And remember, I have a reputation to uphold (note subtitle of blog). So, today, in all its inglorious radiance, I present to you fine and lovely readers… Stop laughing. In an alternative universe where robot pigs will fly, it can happen. … More The Next Big Thing