Back from the dead

Appropriate that I should come back from the dead before the Day of the Dead, isn’t it? Hey Everyone! (waves) I’d like to explain why I haven’t been around, but it’s really quite boring (I got bored). So, instead, I’m going to write about what’s going on right now: In real life, Pacific City, Oregon … More Back from the dead

Favorite Fantasy Fems

Some time ago, I was reading Kat Goodwin’s blog. It’s a treasure trove of information and inspiration. You should check it out. Anyway, I was reading this particular post regarding women in films and it got me thinking about female characters in general. More specifically, it got me thinking about fictional women I’ve read that … More Favorite Fantasy Fems

Visiting the Islands

Originally posted on ANDREW LEON HUDSON:
I haven’t been blogging much recently — just one post in 2017 — but I’ve had good reason. Since late last year, I’ve been working on a shared world project with a few writerly friends, gradually developing the concept and setting, before we dived in and started to write. We’re…

Life’s Lessons 1.0

I rarely do this. Wait. That’s not true. (I’m such a liar.) I used to waffle on and on about the world at large, but a few years ago, I decided to stop. Lately, I’ve focused on my fiction writing so that’s all I’ve blogged about. But… Now I want to go back to waffling. Gird … More Life’s Lessons 1.0


Can be amazing symbols of opportunity. In fiction, particularly fantasy and science fiction, doors are often gateways to other realms. But more often than not, they are simply doors; meant to keep inside stuff in and outside stuff out. And sometimes, the door itself is not enough to do that last job. So that’s when … More Doors

One of these days…

I’ll do an anthology about dragons. But not today. So, it is official. Well, as official as it gets around here. This year’s anthology’s theme will be… (drum roll, please) Heroes and Villains. I know, I know. There are heaps of other hero/villain anthologies out there. But here’s where ours will differ: your heroine/villain … More One of these days…

Writing Update

The year started out so well, but I now find myself at the end of January with far too little writing tasks completed and far too many of life’s distractions. I’m sorry to announce that NewNoWriMo 2017 is canceled. Check back in a couple of months. Hopefully by then, I’ll be back in the swing … More Writing Update

Are you a dragon?

Today is ‘Appreciate a Dragon‘ Day. Don’t believe me? Click on the link above. Is there really an appreciate a dragon day? Who comes up with these things? No disrespect meant towards (mythical) dragons, but really? A day all for massive lizards? Here’s the thing though: Dragons have played a huge role in many cultures around the … More Are you a dragon?