DYING EARTHS – the 2019 SFFWorld anthology — SFFWorld

Just when you thought that the world was about to end without delivering something good to read as it all comes crashing down, good news: the latest SFFWorld.com anthology has finally been published! DYING EARTHS contains sixteen stories of fantastic, horrific, or scientifical fiction penned by both forum members and authors from further… via DYING EARTHS … More DYING EARTHS – the 2019 SFFWorld anthology — SFFWorld


Quick update: I recently finished reading all the submission entries to SFFWorld’s Dying Earth anthology. Whew! Actually, it wasn’t an insurmountable task. I blame life, laziness, and Netflix. (Not GOT.) Most reject/accept notices have been sent out. If you haven’t gotten yours, I am still debating whether to reject, accept, or ask for a re-write. … More Finished!

Random Post #231

Is this really random? Is this really #231? Today I read about Clare Winger Harris. Ms. Harris wrote science fiction back in the 1920s when it wasn’t cool to be a science fiction writer let alone a woman. To be both – shocker! But she did it. I’ve never heard of her before. Thank you … More Random Post #231

Anthology Update (and reasons why we might reject your story)

Howdy Folks! Thanks for all the industrious writers out there who have submitted a story to our anthology. We’re happily gathering them up, reading, and making the hard decisions to accept or not. It’s always a tough call. Many of you write excellent stories, but (here it comes) there are various reasons why we might … More Anthology Update (and reasons why we might reject your story)