Welcome to Pacific City – A Review (Part 4)


In my fourth dip in the soon-to-be-released Welcome to Pacific City anthology, I tackle two stories that make it worth it to read hero story anthologies – super heroes!

If you’d like to read the first part of this review series, click here. To find out more about how you can get an early copy of Welcome to Pacific City, click here.

Student of Catastrophe by Lydia Hall

Have you noticed how inconsiderate modern superheroes are?

Lydia Hall’s story, Student of Catastrophe, draws on that premise and does a great job of dropping us in the middle of Pacific City during a super-duper fight. Exciting, yes, but if you’re on your way to work? Not so great.

This is a super (hehe) short and cute story. It ends far too quickly, but the action is easy to follow and the main character just makes you want to follow her around the city – so practical! But then again, someone attuned to the earth would be. đŸ˜‰

Honor’s Just a Word by Wilson Geiger

Wilson Geiger is a perennial favorite over on SFFWorld.com. His stories are action-packed with characters you’ll want to root for. In this story, our hero is a thief – just trying to make his life go in the right direction with one last job. We all know how those end up. But in the world of thieves, particularly in this city, Pacific City, nothing is what it seems.

This story builds a sophisticated plot for such a short story. All our readers enjoyed traveling along with Gabriel Williams, our extraordinary thief, learning how he wields his unusual gift. It’s a clever story that you’ll be drawn to read more than once.

That’s it for today. Look for more to come next week.

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Until next time,

N. E. White

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