NaNoWriMo 2016 – The End


No, I didn’t get in 50,000 words.

But I did get to the end of my story.

As you may know, I decided to go NaNoWriMo Rebel this year and finish up a work in progress I had started over the summer. While I wasn’t entirely sure how many words I needed to finish the project, I knew I could always start something else if I suddenly found myself with too much time on my hands.

Alas, time does not sprout on trees. (Or does it?)

Anyway, the point is (there’s a point?), I finished my story.


The last 6,700 words of it are hand written. I’ll have to transcribe that into my computer. I’m sure that will precipitate more words, but at the moment, the story stands at 54,513 words.

There’s a lot of description and background stuff I need to add. I’m thinking, after the second draft, it will be around 70k or so. Not bad. A respectable amount. And manageable. I might just have a novel. Finally!

Unless the urge to revise grips me sooner, I’ll set it aside for now. I have two stories I’d like to tackle. One I wrote three years ago (a novella-length, science fiction dystopia set in Fresno, California). The other I wrote last year (an urban fantasy short-story series set in Oakland, California). Lately, they have both been tugging at me. I’d like to clean them up and get them out in the world.

Speaking of getting things out in the world… have you checked out You Are Here yet?

How did your NaNoWriMo go? Did the election results derail you or bolster your resolve?


12 thoughts on “NaNoWriMo 2016 – The End

  1. Fantastic, well done! Although I didn’t sign up, I did resolve to finish my WIP. I did so this weekend just gone. I think I wrote the best part of 15,000 words this month. Now I’m leaving it until the new year when I begin editing.

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