It’s out!

you-are-here-smlThis year’s’s anthology is out!

We finally got it all together and published it yesterday. I’m proud of it. I hope folks like it. There’s something for everyone in this anthology.

The first story is a fun little wizard story and the last is a great piece by Lindsay Buroker set in her popular Fallen Empire world. It tells of the very first adventure Alisa and Mica have together. In between these two stories are pieces that touch on horror, military sci-fi, a bit of steam-punk, magical fae, and much more. We even have a few literary pieces we’re quite impressed with. And to top it all off, each story features a map.

If you’re interested, follow the You Are Here blogsite to learn more about the authors and find out about upcoming specials and giveaways. We’ll also have a fun, interactive map to share.

For now, I have NaNoWriMo to complete.

Catch ya later!

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