Ahoy Matey!

Gods and devils be damned, it be ITLAPD*!

If’n ya searching for booty, board the good ship LibraryThing and join the hunt for treasure!

If’n ya be befuddled, ITLAPD means International Talk Like A Pirate Day!

And I’m not very good at it, so I’m stopping right there (especially since it seems pirates end each sentence with an exclamation point). Regardless, TLAPD does allow one’s inner pirate to come out. So how will you celebrate?

I aim to greet everyone I see with the title of this blog, “Ahoy Matey!”

It’s easy, no big commitment. I can easily slip back into normal-speak and I will not be considered weird (or celebrating Halloween much too early).

But if a person I greet happens to know it’s ITLAPD, too, then a little glint will sparkle in their eye, they’ll lean in with a conspiratorial bent, and say, “Aye, Mate! Fancy joining me for a pint of grog? And did I ever tell ya about the time Cap’n Smelly left me adrift on the high seas?”

Oh, and if you happen to frequent a Krispy Kreme establishment, don’t hold back. For today only, talk like a pirate and you’ll get a free doughnut!


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